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The Works

Providers either use any mobile app or have a live feed to communicate with their scribe in real-time. Our scribes work virtually over a HIPAA-compliant connection. The scribe extracts the required data elements for direct input into the EHR as well as charts notes. EMRs are populated with both discrete and non-discrete data elements. Providers subsequently review and sign completed charts.

Scribe Qualifications

Our medical scribes have a vast understanding of healthcare documentation requirements. They have extensive experience in charting for various specialties, and are trained in HIPAA, clinical documentation standards, disease processes, and EHR navigation. Additionally, each of our virtual medical scribes must pass a stringent background check and pre-hire testing.

Customized Approach

Our Medical scribes are able to communicate with their Providers either synchronously or asynchronously. They take notes from doctors and act on them in real-time or via an audio recording. They act as the provider’s virtual assistant. By capturing provider and facility preferences, our scribes ensure consistent charting and conform to quality measures. Providers can dictate information they would like recorded verbatim by the virtual scribe. Similarly, practitioners can emphasize if they wish to disregard something for charting purposes.


Dedicated scribes with domain-specific knowledge of the doctor's specialties are assigned to providers. This approach ensures consistent staffing and shortens the learning curve for both providers and scribes. As a result, the assigned remote medical scribes learn the provider's charting preferences and documentation style. After the initial learning curve during onboarding, day-to-day charting can be seamless in the EHR. If a change is needed, providers can submit requests to their scribe.

Benefits Of Using Virtual Scribes

  • Reduce provider time in the EHR.
  • Reduce/eliminate time spent dictating.
  • Improved provider morale.
  • Reduce provider burnout and churn.
  • Reduce patient wait times.
  • Shorten provider workdays.
  • Sick/vacation leave doesn’t interrupt scribing.
  • Less-costly than on-site medical scribe.

Quality Control

We place a premium on quality. Our service solution includes a checkpoint, which ensures correctness by adding a QA between the medical scribe and the provider.

HIPAA and Security

Our virtual scribes have completed HIPAA training and passed a background checks. We use HIPAA-compliant technology and systems, and we sign Business Associate Agreements with our healthcare clients.