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Let Byzflow Tech Become A Global Extension Of Your Team And Improve Your Profitability

Byzflow Tech is certified healthcare services company based in the India, that provides Business Process Outsourcing to Healthcare Services & Medical Billing companies. We help our clients succeed by levaraging domain expertise, and our innovative approach to global outsourcing technologies with our experience, we can identify claims that require follow-up with Insurance companies and do all that is necessary to collect unpaid and partially paid claims.

Accounts Receivables Management Billing Services Include

  • Commercial
  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Receivables Analysis and Denials Management
  • Government/Private Payer Follow-up

Our Proficiency

  • Our efficient backlog management enables your team to concentrate on the larger accounts while we manage your lower balance backlog.
  • Take effective action to collect pending and partially paid claims from insurance companies that require follow-up with insurers.

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

By taking charge of your Accounts Receivable Management Byzflow Tech can significantly reduce accounts receivable days and increase cash flow and profitability.